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Contesting A Speeding Ticket

Sooner or later, just about everyone likes to drive a little faster than they should. If you got caught standing on the loud pedal, Durflinger Oliver & Associates PS can help. Our lawyers are in court fighting speeding tickets and other traffic matters every day. We get great results for our clients about 98 percent of the time. As former prosecutors and experienced traffic attorneys, we know every possible way to beat your ticket.

How Do Cops Determine Speed?

To cite you for speeding, law enforcement needs to be able to track how fast you are going. To do this, cops use several different methods to determine speed.

  • Radar: Calculates a moving object’s speed by emitting a signal at the object and measuring any changes in the frequency of the returned signal. Radar devices can be hand-held, vehicle-mounted or stationary.
  • LiDAR: Detects speed by shooting pulses of light at specific times and recording the speed at which those pulses bounce back off the target vehicle. The narrow beam allows officers to target specific vehicles in traffic at very long distances.
  • Pacing: Determines a target vehicle’s speed by pacing it for an appropriate distance. The officer should follow the vehicle at a consistent distance and speed and check his/her speedometer to determine how fast both vehicles are traveling.
  • Aircraft: Calculates a vehicle’s speed by accurately timing how quickly the vehicle gets from a marked location to a precise distance further down the road. Law enforcement aircraft pilots use two stopwatches to time each leg and calculate the driver’s speed.

Many of the tools used to determine speed must be routinely tested by state experts for accuracy. After testing, a unit must receive a certification of accuracy. There are pretty strict requirements about how to properly test the devices and what needs to be in each of these documents. Fortunately for the faster drivers among us, these documents are frequently deficient, which our attorneys can then use to beat the ticket.

TIP: Never admit to a cop that you were exceeding the speed limit. You are almost guaranteed to lose your case if you make admissions. However, we routinely beat tickets even when the driver admitted to speeding.

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A speeding ticket is not just a minor traffic offense, it can jeopardize your ability to drive. You can trust us to always provide the highest quality speeding defense at a price anyone can afford. If you’re short on money, we also offer affordable payment plans. Email us or call 253-666-8927 for your free consultation with an experienced traffic attorney.