Defending Against Assault Charges

If you have been arrested for or charged with an assault crime, such as domestic violence assault, sexual assault or homicide, you should immediately contact the assault attorneys at Durflinger Oliver & Associates PS. Assault crimes carry serious penalties, and it is important that we immediately get started on your defense. With former prosecutors and experienced criminal attorneys on hand, we can help protect your rights and ensure that you get the best legal outcome possible.

Once you are charged with an assault, the state will do all it can to see you punished for the “crime.” Unfortunately, this is true whether you are guilty or not. It is the prosecution’s job to gather all the evidence it can and prove that you were the one who committed this crime. This is something you have no hope of fighting on your own. You need an experienced assault attorney.

The former deputy prosecuting attorneys at Durflinger Oliver & Associates PS have been on both sides of these cases. We understand what the prosecution will do and how it will do it, and we also know how to fight back. You have rights, and we will fight to protect those rights. This is important because failing to aggressively defend you almost guarantees that you will face severe punishment. Whether you’re charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, a conviction can cost you money, your job, your home and your future. Not all of the clients who come to us are innocent. Some made a mistake for any number of reasons. As criminal attorneys, it is our job to defend our clients, no matter what they may have done. The criminal justice system works on the foundation that you are innocent until proven guilty. We believe that you have rights, and we will fight to protect them.

Each assault lawyer at Durflinger Oliver & Associates PS has helped numerous clients in situations similar to yours. From minor assault charges to major crimes like homicide, we know how to make the courts see you for the person you are, not the demonized version presented by the prosecution. We know how to make people understand the circumstances surrounding you and the realities that you deal with on a day-to-day basis. It is our job to help people see that you are a real person and that you deserve fair and honest treatment.

If you have been charged or accused of any type of assault crime, please call our firm as soon as you can. We offer free consultations, affordable retainers and reasonable payment plans. We also offer a military discount for our clients in uniform. We are ready to help you protect your family and your future. Contact us now so we can get started building you the best legal defense possible.