Protecting Yourself Against Domestic Violence Charges

A Tacoma domestic violence (DV) attorney will tell you that a DV charge can change a person’s life. If you or a loved one has been charged with any type of domestic violence, you need an experienced criminal attorney who can defend your rights and help you protect your reputation. If you have been arrested for DV, it is your right to have a criminal defense attorney present if you are questioned. In fact, in virtually every situation, your DV lawyer will not let you speak with police. The cops will twist your words and make you look like a bad guy, which is why the domestic violence attorneys at Durflinger Oliver & Associates PS will protect you from making statements to police. Knowing your rights, and demanding a DV lawyer, is extremely important during the investigation process. By calling our offices at your first opportunity, one of our experienced former deputy prosecuting attorneys or seasoned defense lawyers will be able to help you avoid dealing with domestic violence investigators. We will also help you obtain a reasonable bail and do everything possible to make sure you are released in a timely fashion, so you can get home as soon as possible. We will also begin to collect information and statements as soon as we have discussed your case with you and been retained.

Allegations of domestic violence abuse are on the rise all over the country. Both men and women are reporting physical, mental and verbal DV in record numbers. Many of these reporting people are not telling the truth. People on the receiving end of those charges must then defend themselves against a perceived victim who may or may not be able to prove their claims. The skilled DV attorneys at Durflinger Oliver & Associates PS are respected for their proven trial record in every court in which they practice. DV isn’t just a physical assault (misdemeanor or felony), such as pushing or striking someone. Just about any type of crime can be charged as a domestic violence offense. Damaging property (malicious mischief), violating a no contact order (VNCO), and simply making threats (harassment and malicious harassment) can all be charged as a DV crime. It doesn’t matter whether there are any witnesses. A cop can arrest you whether anyone else saw anything or not. After a person is charged with a DV offense, they are often not allowed to return home if they live with the “victim.” Frequently, a person charged with a DV crime also loses the right to possess firearms.

If you’re in the military, a domestic violence conviction will cost you your livelihood and your professional life. Under the Lautenberg Amendment (Domestic Violence Offender Gun Ban), a domestic violence conviction can be a bar to possessing firearms, which is career-ending for our service members. Even if a person hasn’t been convicted of a domestic violence incident, if they are restricted by a DV protection order, Lautenberg can be triggered. Founding partner James Oliver was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army on Feb. 9, 1994, and he takes great pride in helping soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen.

Durflinger Oliver & Associates PS have on staff some of the best Seattle and Tacoma DV attorneys. Our criminal attorneys and former prosecutors are here to provide you with the best possible representation under any circumstances. We have private investigators experienced in domestic violence matters who we can use to research our DV cases and do their best to uncover as much information as possible, which we then use to defend our clients. In any DV case, time is of the essence. That’s why we work quickly as quickly and efficiently as possible to uncover the facts and build your case so that it can be resolved quickly and with as little harm to your life and reputation as possible. It is our goal to get you back into your home and workplace as quickly as possible.

Although the majority of our practice is in Pierce County, our attorneys routinely appear in all western Washington courts. Call us today for your free consultation with an experienced domestic violence attorney: 253-666-8927.