Tacoma Slip-And-Fall Attorneys

Slip-and-fall accidents generally are a surprise to the victim, and that can cause great physical, mental and emotional damages to that victim. It is important to get legal representation to gain fair compensation for injuries you or a loved one receives in a slip-and-fall accident. Do not speak with insurance company lawyers or representatives; they only want to minimize any payments to you. For the better chance to gain fair monetary compensation, contact the law firm of Durflinger Oliver & Associates PS, located in Tacoma, Washington, and discuss your accident only with attorneys Natalie Durflinger and James Oliver.

Durflinger Oliver & Associates PS

At our Tacoma law office of Durflinger Oliver & Associates PS, we welcome new clients daily. We are always ready to help injured persons gain justice and fair compensation for damages caused by the negligent behavior of someone else. Property owners are responsible for keeping their businesses and other property safe and free from defects or poor maintenance that can cause harm to people who are shopping or visiting.

Sidewalks and business floors must be maintained to avoid hazards like cracked or broken cement, uneven walkways and ice or other debris. Hazards can cause a visitor to become injured in a slip, trip or fall accident and incur minor to great physical harm. Under personal injury laws, the property or business owner is ultimately responsible for maintenance and keeping premises free from dangerous conditions.

Puget Sound Slip-And-Fall Lawyers

In our history as slip-and-fall lawyers, we have seen the injuries that result from these unexpected and painful accidents. Slip, trip and fall injuries include physical damage to the neck, head or spine, broken bones, sprains and joint damage. The victim suffers pain and may be unable to return to work temporarily or, in the case of permanent disability, never. Some injuries, such as a slip-and-fall accident from a high place at a construction site, may also result in wrongful death.

Western Washington

We serve western Washington clients from our law offices located in Tacoma. Our goal is to help injured victims obtain financial recovery for slip-and-fall accidents that are due to negligence. This includes medical expenses, follow-up care, rehabilitation and other claims. If you are unable to return to work temporarily or permanently due to the accident, you can claim work loss, both present and future. We know exactly how to represent slip-and-fall accident victims properly, in local and state courtrooms and at negotiation tables, to gain fair compensation.

If you or a loved one were injured in a slip-and-fall accident, we want to serve you with proven, experienced legal representation. Contact attorneys Natalie Durflinger and James Oliver by calling Durflinger Oliver & Associates PS for a free consultation today at 253-666-8927. If you can’t come to our convenient Downtown Tacoma office, one of our attorneys can come to you at your house or hospital room.