Red Light Ticket? You Can Fight Back.

If you got a red light ticket, you need a traffic attorney with experience fighting, and beating, these infractions. The beauty of hiring one of the experienced traffic defense and red light ticket attorneys at Durflinger Oliver & Associates PS is that you won’t even have to go to court when we fight it. Like every other traffic defense, a red light ticket is best fought on a technicality. The most common technicality is the lack of foundation for an officer’s opinion that you broke the law.

Here are some common questions:

Did the citing officer see anything? Sometimes one officer witnesses the alleged offense, and another officer writes the ticket and the declaration detailing what happened. If the officer who wrote the declaration didn’t witness anything, he doesn’t have a proper foundation of knowledge to write about what happened.

Was the officer actually able to see both the red light and the car entering the intersection? Often an officer will write a red light ticket after assuming that the light was actually red, because he was not in a position to see the light. The officer’s assumption might be wrong, and the prosecutor has the burden of proving that the officer was probably right. Frequently the prosecutor cannot prove his case, which means the driver wins.

Was the light red? It’s only illegal to enter an intersection on a red light (unless you come to a complete stop before turning right). Many people enter the intersection on a yellow light and exit the intersection after the light has turned red. This is not only legal, but it is also required that if the light turns red while you are in the intersection, you must safely exit as soon as possible. Nonetheless, many cops will still write tickets to people who have not actually run a red light.

You can trust the traffic attorneys at Durflinger Oliver & Associates PS to always provide the highest quality speeding defense at an affordable price. If you’re short on money, we can also offer the most affordable payment plans. Call today for your free consultation with an experienced traffic attorney.