How Do I Find My Case History And Criminal History?

Records of your cases and convictions are maintained by the court where you were charged and the Washington State Patrol (WSP), which reports criminal charges and conviction history to the FBI. You can find your history at the WSP’s Washington Access To Criminal History (WATCH) website. WATCH will keep records of all arrests within the last 12 months, as well as all records of all convictions until they are vacated. The courts allow access to case information through the Judicial Information System (JIS). The various law enforcement agencies create records whenever they identify you as a suspect or you are arrested or booked into jail. Of course, the jail also keeps records of your detention. The police and jail records consist of a variety of information, much of which is pulled directly from Department of Licensing. This includes your name, birthdate, Social Security number, physical description, fingerprints, booking photos, charging information, police report, nicknames, gang affiliations, no-contact order information and more. Courts only create records after you are charged with a crime. Court records include a list of charges, statement of prosecutor, conditions of release, bail amount, attorneys’ names, types of court hearings, related filings, disposition (guilty, not guilty, dismissed, etc.), and information on appeals and legal financial information (LFOs).