Schedule a free meeting with a Tacoma Personal Injury Attorney

| Jan 25, 2020 | Personal Injury


The attorneys at Durflinger Oliver & Associates, for example, have extensive experience helping people who were hurt by others. Our team has recovered millions for accident victims. Our time is valuable, but we offer no-cost consultations because:

  • Clients should make informed decisions. Every crash victim needs to know about their rights. At our initial meeting, we provide clients with valuable information about their rights, best practices, and how we handle claims;
  • Clients deserve confidence in their knowledge. You should hire an attorney because you’re confident in their abilities, and not because you paid for the initial meeting. Hire a lawyer when you feel confident that they will represent your best interests, and work hard to get you the best results.

The team at Durflinger Oliver believe that every crash victim should be able to learn about his or her rights for free. That’s why we provide free consultations, and invite people to call us directly at 253-683-4180 to schedule you free consultation.