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On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2019 | Personal Injury

Negotiate your claim

You were in a car crash, and now the other driver’s adjuster is blowing up your phone. Your car is damaged, you hurt, and you may be worried about medical bills and lost wages. You probably think that the insurance adjuster might have the solution to your biggest problem: money. 

Don’t talk to that adjuster, however, until you’ve done a little homework. A little preparation before talking to the adjuster will put you in the best position to recover financially, physically, and emotionally.

What To Expect

Insurance companies are in business to make money. Their primary goal is to take in more money than they payout. Paying injured persons as little as possible is part of the insurance company’s primary business model. The adjuster will sound friendly, but their goal is to pay little to nothing to you. Insurance companies pay bonuses and give raises to adjusters who pay out as little as possible.

How To Deal With Adjusters

Here’s what you need to do before calling the adjuster for the person who hurt you:

  • Speak with an experienced auto accident attorney. Hiring a capable personal injury lawyer will make your life easier, and will likely lead to a better result at the end. Your car crash attorney will collect all of your records, hire the appropriate experts, and negotiate your claim with the insurance company or its lawyers.
  • Know your rights. You don’t have to speak with the adjuster, and you should not give a recorded statement. Even though you were in the collision, you may not know what information the adjuster has. Furthermore, you might have additional future injuries, pain and suffering, and financial losses. Settling your case too soon means that you’re stuck with less money than you deserve and no chance of getting more. You should settle your case only after you’ve completely healed and know precisely what is in your medical records, witness statements, and collision reports.

If you decide to speak with an adjuster, then first ask for a copy or transcript. The insurance company should provide it to you.

Understanding insurance adjusters and making the best use of your records is a good step towards a fair resolution. A better and safer step is to exercise your right to help from an experienced car accident lawyer. Personal Injury lawyers are usually highly skilled negotiators with a team behind them that will fight for you.