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Month: January 2015

Lying Fife Cop Fired

Lying Fife Cop Fired. Everyone trusts cops to tell the truth. Everyone except the innocent victim who goes to jail on a cop’s lie, and get’s convicted on a cop’s lie. If you ever face a dirty cop, you better hope there is video evidence. In a recent Pierce County...

Get Your Gun Rights Back!

Restore Your Gun Rights. If you’re reading with a gun nearby, and a felony, or DV conviction in your past, be careful! In Washington State, any felony conviction and some misdemeanor DV convictions will result in a loss of the right to possess a firearm. It doesn’t...

Vacating a Misdemeanor

Clean Up Your History! Who doesn’t love a good vacation? Nobody! Everybody loves vacation. This is especially true if you were ever convicted of a crime! In Washington State, The process of removing a misdemeanor conviction from your criminal history is called...