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Paralegal Ashley Tansy

Ashley Tansy is a Washington native, having been born and raised in Spokane Washington. Ashley first joined our team in 2012 as a part time legal assistant. She has grown in her position over the years and currently works remotely as a paralegal for our firm.
Ashley has always been a dedicated member of our team, assisting our attorneys in providing the representation that each of our client’s deserve. Ashley has always been committed to social justice and believes that everyone deserves equal and fair representation under the law and in defending the rights of the accused. As a legal assistant, Ashley has been a zealous advocate for protecting every client’s constitutional rights, safeguarding the integrity of attorney client privilege, and ensuring that every client ever feels heard and respected.
In recent years, Ashley has become an integral part of our personal injury practice, obtaining, and summarizing medical records for our clients that have been injured through the negligence of third parties. Her strong research and writing skills are an important asset in helping us obtain favorable personal injury awards that fully compensate our clients for their injuries.
In her free time Ashley enjoys traveling, hiking, yoga, and spending time with her family.
photo of paralegal Ashley Tansy
Ashley Tansy