Workers Compensation

In Washington, Workers’ Compensation is a program available to workers who have been hurt on the job, or who have developed occupational diseases that cause temporary or permanent disability or death. Trying to obtain benefits for workplace injuries is a complex problem that attorneys at Durflinger Oliver & Associates have successfully helped numerous clients resolve. Consulting with our experienced Workers’ Compensation Lawyers immediately about your case is a smart move to help preserve your rights to gain compensation for your workplace injuries.

Durflinger Oliver & Associates

At the Tacoma, WA, law firm of Durflinger Oliver & Associates, Attorneys Natalie Durflinger and James Oliver are very familiar with Washington’s laws about workplace injuries. In brief, if you get injured on the job or develop an occupational disease like Mesothelioma, while working anywhere in Western Washington, you may qualify for special benefits.

Washington’s Industrial Insurance Act and the Federal Longshore and Harbor Workers Act offer coverage for certain workplace injuries and diseases. You may qualify for monetary compensation, retraining and other benefits to injured workers, but you must apply promptly and properly. Our lawyers have the experience and special knowledge needed to help you get the benefits you qualify for under these complex programs.

Puget Sound Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Our experienced Puget Sound Workers’ Compensation Lawyers know how to help you apply or appeal to obtain compensation for work-related injuries and occupational diseases. You may be out of work for a long time or be unable to return to work, due to your injuries received while on the job. A lack of regular income destroys your budget and causes many other problems. Our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys are also former prosecutors. We work hard to get our clients the important benefits and compensation they are entitled to under Washington Workers’ Compensation laws.

Western Washington

We work closely with clients from nearby areas of Western Washington. Our law office is located in Tacoma, WA, but our attorneys are also accustomed to meeting with clients at other locations. We tell our clients if you demand Justice, demand Durflinger Oliver & Associates. Your injuries are expensive, and if you cannot return to work, you and your family will suffer financial difficulties.

Typical expenses caused when workers are injured on the job include:

  • Medical care – doctors, hospitals, therapists, surgeons, nurses, dentists
  • Rehabilitation therapy, equipment
  • Long-term care or nursing home stays
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Temporary or permanent disability
  • Wrongful death, funeral and burial expenses

Even if you are able to recover quickly, your injury expenses can be enormous. A long-term problem like Mesothelioma may remain hidden for many years, but then cause death shortly after diagnosis.

Contact the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at Durflinger Oliver and Associates, Tacoma, WA, for a free consultation about your workplace injuries. Call us now, at (253) 683-4180.