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Any traffic defense attorney will tell you that when you get a ticket for a traffic offense, never admit anything to anyone without first consulting with your attorney. You can trust that the traffic Defense Lawyers at Durflinger Oliver & Associates are dedicated to beating your traffic infraction. Our associate attorneys are former deputy prosecutors and they understand all the complexities involved with traffic offenses. We want to help you preserve your rights and fight for your freedom to drive in Western Washington. What’s more, we offer a top rated defense that is also affordable because our firm cares about making high quality services available to everyone.

Durflinger Oliver & Associates

Attorneys Natalie Durflinger, James Oliver, Martha McLaughlin and Ross Brittain have a strong background in criminal and traffic defense work. We have successfully represented hundreds of clients in traffic courts with exceptional results in everything from speeding tickets to racing charges. We understand that getting a speeding ticket can raise your insurance rates, subject you to high fines, and cost you the loss of your driver’s license. Criminal traffic matters like reckless driving racing, or negligent driving can even land you in jail, depending on the circumstances.

Puget Sound Traffic Defense Lawyers

In our work representing clients who need to beat traffic ticket, we have worked hard and successfully to preserve our clients’ rights and freedom to drive. We attack tickets every day challenging the officers’ declarations, suppressing speed measuring device (SMD) readings and getting tickets kicked out. The officers’/troopers’ SMD needs to be routinely certified. If it isn’t, or if the paperwork is done wrong, we can frequently suppress the evidence of speed, which often results in the ticket being dismissed. In Pace cases, and aircraft cases the officers often fail to lay an adequate foundation, which we attack to defeat the ticket. Our clients love that, more often than not, they don’t even have to go to court. We appear for you. That means you don’t have to answer the judge’s questions, or get grilled by the prosecutor. You simply go about your day and we’ll call you after court and let you know how everything went.

Western Washington

We serve clients in the Western Washington region with a complete range of professional legal services, including traffic defense. We are experienced criminal defense and personal injury lawyers, with a long history of successful wins in and out of the courtroom. We will help you fight your speeding tickets, HOV violations, CDL issues and other moving violations. We’re in court every day beating tickets. You can trust us to fight for you and do everything possible to get your ticket kicked out. Unless you understand all of the technical issues in fighting tickets, you should not represent yourself. The facts of your case matter much, much less than whether the cop and the SMD technician did the paperwork correctly. Traffic infractions are won on technicalities, not facts. We understand every traffic technicality and how to use it for your benefit.

Experienced Traffic Defense Attorneys

Get the experienced traffic defense you need to fight your traffic ticket, reckless driving charge, negligent driving charge and anything else the cops have thrown at your. Our law office is located in downtown Tacoma, WA, and we welcome clients from all over the State. Having our lawyers represent you in traffic court is far better than trying to defend yourself; we understand the court systems, know the fine details of traffic laws and how to present a strong traffic defense on your behalf.

We can help you with the following traffic matters:

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