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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), nearly 5,000 pedestrians were killed in 2011, the most recent year for which statistics have been compiled. Approximately 69,000 more were injured. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) notes that this amounts to one pedestrian accident every eight minutes. When pedestrians are involved in motor vehicle accidents, they are 1.5 times more likely to be killed than if they are the passenger in a vehicular accident.

In the state of Washington, if you are crossing in a crosswalk, you have the right-of-way. Cars are required by law to stop for you and allow you to cross. Even if it is not officially marked as a crosswalk, there is a legal crosswalk at every intersection. Even if you were not in a crosswalk when you were hit by a vehicle, chances are it was due to the negligence of the driver. Some of the most common reasons drivers hit pedestrians are:

  • The driver is distracted. One common distraction is talking on a cell phone or texting.
  • The driver turns right on a red light without checking first for pedestrians.
  • The driver is going too fast and unable to stop in time.
  • The driver is crowding pedestrians who are legally walking along the shoulder of the road.

If you were injured as a pedestrian by a negligent driver, you may be entitled to compensation. You need to contact a personal injury pedestrian accident attorney as soon as possible. It may be that in addition to a negligent driver, the county or state may be responsible if an unsafe road condition contributed to the accident.

Tacoma and Seattle Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

When a pedestrian is injured, it is not uncommon for the driver’s insurer to make a settlement offer to the injured person. The problem with that is that almost 100 percent of the time, the offer is very low and does not take into account present and future lost wages as well as present and future medical expenses and your pain and suffering. Pedestrians often suffer extreme and serious physical injuries as well as psychological and emotional trauma.

Durflinger Oliver & Associates, Puget Sound pedestrian accident lawyers located in Tacoma and serving all of Western Washington, have the experience and expertise you need to pursue your negligence claim. They will investigate all the facts, interview witnesses and arrange for the proper experts. They know how to negotiate a settlement that is in your best interest or take the case to trial if necessary. They have years of experience in holding negligent drivers responsible for their actions. They will work diligently to see that you receive all the compensation to which you are entitled. Call today for your free consultation. If you are unable to travel to their convenient Downtown Tacoma offices, one of their experienced attorneys can travel to you.


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