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If you lost your firearm and voting rights as a result of a criminal conviction, the expungement attorneys and firearms rights attorneys of Durflinger Oliver & Associates can help restore your rights.

Why Vacate a Conviction?

You might ask, “why should I bother to vacate my criminal conviction?” If you can vacate a criminal conviction, you should because once vacated, you can honestly say that you have never been convicted of a crime. And once your conviction is vacated, the new history gets reported to the Washington State Patrol who then updates your history with the FBI and the National Criminal Index Center. People doing a background check on you through WSP or the FBI will see that your criminal charge was dismissed, and you were never convicted. It can also help get your firearm and voting rights back, but it’s not required.

Do Crimes Automatically Drop Off My Record?

Many people don’t realize that you don’t automatically get your rights back after a certain period of time. If you want to regain your rights, you must ask (petition) the court for permission. If you’ve done everything you’re supposed to, and enough time has passed, and your paperwork is properly completed, the judge will probably sign paperwork to restore your rights.

Can I Do Everything Myself?

Can I vacate my conviction, or restore my rights myself? Our firm has spent a lot of time in court restoring gun rights, and our attorneys have seen a lot of people clean up their history themselves. We’ve also helped a lot of people who started the process themselves and hit some sort of road block so they came to us, and we got it done.

At Durflinger Oliver & Associates our gun attorneys include former prosecutors and seasoned criminal attorneys with years of experience at cleaning up criminal histories, restoring rights, and helping relieve clients of sex offender registration requirements. This website will give you the information you need to understand your rights and move forward with life.

The following pages under the Expungement Heading will help answer these questions:

  • What is a Criminal Charge?
  • What is a Conviction?
  • Can I Vacate My Misdemeanor?
  • Can I Vacate My Felony?
  • Can I Vacate My Federal Conviction?
  • Can I Seal My Court Records?
  • Can I Expunge My Court Records?
  • Can I Delete Non-Conviction Data?
  • How Do I Find My Criminal History?
  • How Did I Lose My Firearm Rights?
  • How Do I Regain My Firearm Rights?
  • Can I Restore My Federal Firearm Rights?
  • How Do I Restore
  • My Voting Rights?

Call today to speak with an experienced expungement attorney. We offer a military discount, and convenient payment plans. You can trust our attorneys to give you the best advice about all of your options. 


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