Ross Brittain

When Tacoma Criminal Defense Attorney Ross Britain was seven years old he knew he was going to practice law. That started him down the path of debate teams, philosophy, and eventually his Juris Doctor degree and work as a Tacoma DUI Lawyer and Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Ross is a graduate of Western Washington University, where he majored in history and philosophy, while earning a minor in psychology. Immediately following graduation from Western, Ross took an assistant position with a Criminal Defense Firm, which also utilized his talents as a Private Investigator. Ross’ varied work as an Investigator took him all over Washington investigating L&I claims, and serving legal papers and subpoenas for multi-million dollar cases. He also worked hard at blending in while following wayward spouses and partners.

Ross rounded out his pre-attorney “legal experience” by working for a civil defense firm where he assisted in defending auto accidents, and § 1983 claims against the government.

Gonzaga School of Law accepted Ross in 2007. After his first year at Gonzaga, the Washington Attorney General’s Office recruited him to work as a Law Clerk. Ross enjoyed the work, but he wanted to be a litigator.

His wish came true when he was offered a litigation internship at the Pierce County Prosecutor’s office. Although only a Rule 9 Intern, Ross performed nearly all the functions of a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney (DPA). After his graduation from Gonzaga in 2010, he took and passed the Washington Bar exam and was offered a lucrative Pierce County DPA position.

Ross’ first assignment with the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office was in the Domestic Violence (DV) Unit. After approximately six months in the DV Unit, he was sent to Remann Hall as a Tacoma Felony Prosecutor in the Juvenile Division. After handling a heavy juvenile caseload, Ross returned downtown to work as a trial DPA.

After nearly two years as a Pierce County Criminal Lawyer in the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Ross started his own Tacoma Law Firm and realized the goal he set back when he was seven years old. In addition to working on criminal defense cases, he also handled Tacoma family law matters, wrongful termination suits, and breach of contract cases.

In April of 2013 Durflinger Oliver & Associates Ross hired Ross, who brought with him a passion for the law and a unique perspective that few attorneys possess. Ross has been on both sides of criminal law as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney and now as a Tacoma Criminal Defense lawyer and DUI Attorney. He is familiar with the tactics typically employed by prosecuting attorneys as well as the policies behind the prosecutors’ decisions.

Tacoma Criminal Lawyer Ross Brittain has an eye for detail and a reputation for presenting the best possible defenses for his clients. He quickly dissects the prosecutor’s case and identifies the important facts, inconsistencies, and information in police reports. If you demand justice, demand Durflinger Oliver & Associates attorney Ross Brittain.